3:00pm Socratic seminar discussion of various bitcoin topics
5:00pm Further hangout typically at The Raven


The event is hosted at Saint Matthews Eline Library:

Small meeting room
3940 Grandview Ave
Louisville, KY 40207


Plenty of parking on site


  • Bitcoin only event
  • No photos, videos, or recording
  • Chatham House Rule: share the information you receive, but do not reveal the identity of who said it
  • Questions are encouraged, including basic ones
  • Socratic seminars are best when the moderator can let the conversation flow, so try to keep things concrete and focused
  • Leave the meeting space as clean as you found it
  • Suggest topics for the next Socratic Seminar!

These rules exist so that participants can speak freely within the event

Guess the nonce

  • Guess the block nonce
  • Must be 8 hex characters, 0-9 and A-F, eg. 9A74E2B1
  • Winner(s) ranked by numeric closeness to next block nonce

Socratic Seminar

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